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140th Antietam Civil War Re-enactment

Rules, Regulations and Procedures

The below rules, regulations and procedures were cut and pasted directly from the webpage for the mainstream reenactment. They supplement any such rules, regulations and procedures promulgated for Drayton's Brigade.

    1. These rules should not be considered mere “guidelines” but formal policy and procedures for the event. Because of the large number of reenactors anticipated, safety will be of paramount importance. The Antietam Commemoration Committee will endeavor to make this an enjoyable experience for all. However, if you fill the large number of reenactors will impede on your ability to have a “magic moment” then please pass on this event.

  1. All reenactors must register with a battalion affiliation clearly indicated on the registration application. Under no circumstances will an individual unit be allowed to register without a battalion affiliation. Any individuals attending as “Walk-Ons” will be required, to affiliate with units from a recognized organization for this event. Affiliation means that the unit or individual will camp with, be inspected by, and fall in for battle with that recognized unit. Walk-Ons will be directed to the appropriate Federal or Confederate command for unit assignment. Any affiliation issues will be resolved by the respective Federal and Confederate Overall Commander.

  1. Registration Fees Shall Be As Follows:

Until April 30th         -    $10 (Ten Dollars)

            May 1 – July 31        -     $15 (Fifteen Dollars)

            July 31st  - Sept. 13    -    $25 (Twenty-Five Dollars)

            Children Under 12  - No Charge


  1. Proof of identification through the presentation of a Photo ID is required at the time of registration. Children without Photo ID must be identified by parent or guardian. No “Substitution” of non-pre-registered reenactors for pre-registered reenactors will be permitted.

  1. Completed registration applications, including payment of registration fees made payable to the Antietam Commemoration Committee should be mailed to:

Antietam Commemoration Committee
P.O. Box 2936
Hagerstown, MD 21741-2936

  1. Registration over the internet at, .org, or .net is permitted but will not take affect until payment in full of registration fees is received.

  1. All information on the Registration Form including addresses of the reenactors on the “Company Muster Roll” are to be completed. If the person submitting the Registration Form does not have an email address then please list an email address for another member of the unit.

  1. The on site Registration Area will be located on the Artz Farm along Rench Road. Access from Interstate 70 should be south on Maryland Route 65 toward Antietam Battlefield. Rench Road intersects MD 65 approximately 1 mile south of I-70. Turn right onto Rench Road and go approximately mile to the registration area on the left.

  1. Civil War Reenactor’s Liaison Committee Safety Rules will apply to this event. Be aware that when you sign your registration form, you are agreeing to abide by the safety regulations for this event. A full copy of the Safety Standing Operating Procedures, which has been adopted by the “CWRLC” will be available for your perusal at the Event Registration Area. Federal and Confederate overall commanders will identify and appoint Safety Officers and NCO’s for this event. These Safety Officers/NCOs will function in this capacity for the duration of the event.

  1. No one under the age of 16 will carry or use a weapon of any type while in camp or on the field. No one under the age of 16 will take the field unless he is a fully functional musician. No “aides”, “foot couriers”, “guide-on carriers”, or “orderlies”. No one under the age of 12 is allowed on the field under any circumstances.

  1. All “impressionists” must be approved by both the host and their respective army commanders. No impressionist’s tent should be erected without clear permission from both the host and their army commander. Impressionists should not attempt to command troops unless invited to portray such actions by the army commanders. Impressionists should not portray any individual incorrectly in terms of rank, injury, uniform day of appearance, etc. All impressionists must have prior written permission to attend this event and must carry a copy of our written approval on them at all times.

  1. Officers are expected to bring troops to justify their rank.

  1. Rank above Captain is subject to the approval of your Battalion Commander and/or Chief of Staff.  No Battalion Commander will hold the rank above Colonel without military approval.

  1. All Artillery and Cavalry are under the direct command of their respective army commanders, and MUST follow their commanders’ orders regarding camping, positions on the field and other related military issues.

  2. All Cavalry will be in the Cavalry camp. NO horses are allowed in the Infantry camps except Staff Officers and they are placed by the commander of each army.

  1. Artillery is limited to 40 full-scale-only guns per side. A bounty of $100 will be paid to each gun. A $200 bounty will be paid if horse-drawn. Payment will be made on-site after Sunday’s battle. Payment must be collected on-site.

  1. All artillery will be in the Artillery Camp.

  1. The respective artillery and cavalry commanders will enforce safety standards and rules of engagement in camp and on the field.

  1. Any brigade, battalion or unit commander directly disobeying the order of their respective overall commander will be subject to removal from the event.

  1. Meetings of even coordinators and commanders will include all brigade commanders to review safety procedures and scenarios.

  1. No fireworks or pyrotechnics allowed at any time either in camp or on the battlefield.

  1. There is a 45-minute limit for each vehicle to unload and be parked. Any vehicle left in or near the camp area after the allowed time will be towed and impounded until the tow charge is paid by the vehicle’s owner(s). Effort should be made to maintain an authentic camp environment.

  1. The event hosts are not responsible for lost or stolen items or vehicles. We provide security on a “best efforts” basis in the parking lots, but it is up to each army/battalion to patrol their own camp area.

  1. Consumption of alcoholic beverages or drugs will not be allowed. Drunkenness and abusive or unruly behavior will not be tolerated and will be cause for dismissal from the event.

  1. Recruits should be properly drilled prior to the battles. Recruits should always be in the front rank (infantry) whenever possible and surrounded by watchful veterans.

  1. Weapons will not be discharged in camp and only fired in designated areas under the command of N.C.O.’s or officers. Recruits can be instructed by N.C.O.’s and should certainly be well drilled as to loading and firing amidst other reenactors. No firearm will be brought to the event loaded. The appointed unit Safety Officers/NCOs will supervise the inspection of all firearms in an unloaded condition prior to units taking the field each event day.

  1. No Reenactor will allow any civilian or spectator to handle or fire a loaded weapon or ride or sit on a horse during the weekend.

  1. No civilian may carry a weapon. Sidearms may be carried only by officers.

  1. No non-period weapons are allowed at the event. No live ammunition is allowed on the event site. Cartridges for rifle-muskets should not exceed 70 grains of powder.

  1. No weapons are to be discharged within 25 yards of the “enemy”. Elevation of guns when firing is mandatory. No weapons are to be discharged within camp boundaries with the exception of weapons inspection under supervision of the unit commanding officer.

  1. Ramrods will not be used during any scenario. Ramrods may be used during inspection and for Living History presentations only.

  1. No “wadding” is to be done after powder is poured. Sparks and burnt paper may ignite dry ground and end the scenario.

  1. Bayonets are not to be fixed on the field. All bayonet scabbards should have a metal tip securely fastened. No sheathed knives will be carried on the field.

  2. Uniforms should be of period design or style. Please pay particular attention to footwear.

  1. Modern eyeglasses will not be tolerated on the battlefield. Those needing period eyewear should make the needed arrangements prior to this event.

  1. Sibley tents are allowed only with the approval of the commanding officers.

  1. All horses brought to the site are required to have a current Coggins Certificate.

  1. Civilian reenactors shall not bring a horse to this event without prior approval by the host. Period civilians wishing to portray a mounted impression will be directed to the appropriate Cavalry Commander who will then determine when or where they may ride, Mounted cavalry escort may be required at the discretion of the Cavalry Commander. Period buggies are encouraged at this event, but still require prior approval by the host.

  1. All equestrian issues shall fall under the purview of the appropriate Federal or Confederate Cavalry Commander. Horses should be trained to gunfire and battle before the event. Do not bring untrained horses to the event.

  1. All horses shall be dismounted prior to entering any authorized camp area and led to designate picket areas. With the exception of designated combat areas, absolutely no mounted individual shall permit a horse to move about above the gait of a controlled walk.

  1. No women, dressed as women, can assist with ice on the battlefield.

  1. Women may portray combatants with approval of their immediate commanders. Every reasonable effort must be made to disguise your gender. The event organizers reserve the right to determine what is “reasonable”. Hair must be “up” at all times, in camp and on the field if this impression is adopted.

  1. Any overly aggressive “hand-to-hand” saber fighting is forbidden. Breaking someone’s sword or knocking someone off his horse shows stupidity and will not be tolerated.

  1. No unscripted hand-to-hand combat will occur.

  1. No “flag grabbing” will occur unless Army, Battalion and Unit Commanders agree to it, in advance.

  1. All flags must be pre-approved by the respective Army Commanders.

  1. Fire pits will be neatly maintained and free of garbage at all times. Excess wood will be stacked at the head of company streets and fire pits filled in following the event. Reenactors have been and must be considerate guests.

  1. We strongly advise each unit to hide a small fire extinguisher nearby. Please make sure all members under your command know its whereabouts and how it is used.

  1. No flashlights, tape recorders, or Coleman lanterns are allowed in any civilian or military camp. Small flashlights should be used only inside of closed tents if you must use them.

  1. All non-period dressed friends and family must depart the camp area by 7:30 pm Friday and Saturday evenings. Military and civilian reenactors must remain “period” throughout the weekend, even after spectator hours.

  1. 12:00 AM (Midnight) Friday and Saturday will be enforced “all quiet”. Over 30% of highway fatalities are thought to be due to drivers falling asleep while driving. Please respect the sleep of fellow reenactors. You may be saving their lives.

  1. Passes or medallions must be on your person at all times. Several pass checks may occur with a fee charged for replacement. Officers, please avoid the embarrassment and delay by having preliminary pass checks prior to formations.

  1. Any person failing to provide a pass will pay an additional $5.00 replacement fee.

  1. Reenactors found with forged passes will be expelled from the event. We must insist that every Reenactor sign a waiver of liability in order to participate. Minors must have written permission of a legal guardian.

  1. All canteens must be full prior to the battles. Two canteens are accepatable.

  1. Officers have a responsibility to know the medical conditions of their commands! Reenactors with heart and respiratory conditions are urged not to attend this event. Officers must consider not allowing reenactors who are obese from taking the field for health reasons. We lost a man at the 135th Antietam with a pre-existing heart condition.

  1. Reenactors with high blood pressure, epilepsy, kidney disease, a history of heart or respiratory ailments, asthma, or any other condition aggravated by heat and physical exertion are cautioned about attending this event or taking to the field.

  1. NO PETS are allowed on-site by reenactors, spectators, or sutlers under any circumstances.No pets will remain in any vehicle or RV under any circumstances

  1. All reenactors must sign a “waiver of liability” before receiving the event medallion. This waiver may include a provision for the organizers to have a video made for sale.

  1. Medallions will be provided for all pre-registered reenactors. “Walk-Ons”, however, cannot be planned for, and therefore may not receive medallions. If available, medallions for Walk-Ons will be provided on Sunday Morning.


For additional information contact: Robert Arch at 301-791-3065, or visit the Web Page at Ticket information may be obtained from the Web Page.

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