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          Marchers of the 3d S.C. Batt'n

This is the list of people who have contacted me so far who are committed to doing this march.

Mark (Silas) Tackitt

David (Duke) Culberson

Joseph J. Bordonaro

Lee Canaday

Eric Deer

Brian DesRochers #

Joseph Dupre

Chuck Heaton

George Jurand

Andy Lewis #

Rich Magwood

Anthony Monson

Edward Peebles

Val. Peter Povinelli   

Charles (Amos) Reynolds

Bryant Roberts #

Edwin Sims

Mark Susnis

John (Stretch) Sylvester

John Tylczak

# indicates a person who has expressed interest in attending, but has not submitted registration to me or informed me that it has been sent to the Antietam Commemorative Committee.

Send an email to all the people on this list

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