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          Uniform Requirements for Officers

No items postdating 17 September1862 except exact reproduction equipment will be allowed. This means NO modern tobacco products, no plastic bags in haversacks, no modern lighters, and nothing not of the period.

All clothing items must be completely topstitched by hand - including all buttonholes. All equipment must be worn hiked high to enable easier marching. Blousing of trousers is highly discouraged although it is rarely documented.

Officers of the Brigade

I would like to thank each of you for your efforts in making this event one of the premier events this year. It is the responsibility of each of us to enable the men in the ranks to reach their goal for this weekend. Therefore I rely on each of you to perform at the highest level that you are able.

I have listed below a few general orders for the weekend, which will be updated as the event nears, and also an impression guide specifically for officers of the regiment. And once again thank you for your support .


Headgear - It is highly encouraged to wear high quality kepis indicative of your rank, with high quality civilian hats also acceptable.

Coats - Frock coats, of Jean, satinette or high quality broadcloth, (County Cloth is still the best source for broadcloth) complete with rank insignia and sleeve braid is also preferred. Double-breasted frocks are encouraged, but single breasted are acceptable. No enlisted frocks.

Trousers - Dark Blue broadcloth or Satinette / Jean trousers, well made of excellent quality.

Foot wear - High quality 2 piece civilian or military issue boots, with brogans or civilian shoes also acceptable.

Rank - Each officer must have proper rank displayed, whether as collar rank, or shoulder straps.

Officer’s haversacks are highly encouraged. All other items may be cross referenced with the CS authenticity regulations as posted.

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