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Approved Sutler List for Drayton's Brigade

This is no means an all-inclusive list, but it gives you a good place to start. Some vendors on the list sell other items that are not of the highest quality, and these are noted.

S&S Sutler of Gettysburg- Tim Sheads stocks high quality items that are available off the shelf. From Headgear to Jackets and Frocks, blankets and leather goods Tim has the market cornered in PA. 717-338-1990.

Speros Marinos- Speros is currently making top-notch Federal Issue haversacks and braces. He also is offering clothing by both Ray Hock and Jodi Nolan which are very reputable makers. 717-334-0077

Tart, Brantley & Benjamin- They offer top of the line jackets and jean cloth, along with kits for making them yourself. 919-478-7668

County Cloth- Another excellent choice for clothing items and fabric, along with kits. Top notch shirt patterns. 330-862-3307

Chapel Acres Depot-Libby Haymaker does an excellent job for assembly of kits from County Cloth or Tart.540-869-3148

Lynn Bull- Specializes in Frock coats. 919-778-7032

C.J. Daley- Chris offers excellent CS frocks, as well as US issue items of the highest quality. 301-766-7112

Historic Clothiers- Nick makes high quality Federal items as well as top notch civilian trousers. He also offers top of the line leather goods. 201-283-0800

Confederate Yankee- Good custom work for clothing items. 203-453-9900

Nancy Eddings- High quality shirts and clothing items. 770-389-1470

Missouri Boot and Shoe Company- Top of the line footwear. 417-451-6100

Robert Land- Also a good source for period footwear. 519-836-6868

Haversack Depot- Top quality Federal Haversacks. 830-620-5192

Fort Branch Supply- Excellent Gardner pattern Canteens. 919-794-5400

Tim Allen- Top of the line Civilian hats, fully lined and stamped. 410-549-5145

Dirty Billy- Good quality items for headwear, be sure to ask for period thread. 410775-1865

Greg Starbuck- great kepi’s. 912-352-2381

Pat Kline- Great source for coverlets and cloth. He offers jean, satinette and trim in a large variety of colors. 717-246-2431

Tran-Mississippi Depot- offers high quality belts and CS web canteen slings. 805-683-2328

Mickey Black- High quality socks and jean cloth. 6378 US 601, Salisbury, NC. number available

Joyce DeMatteis- High quality socks!!!! 804-263-6590

TP&H- Top of the line civilian hats, and also great Hardee’s for those who portray both sides. 610-582-0327

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