Now enlisting
3d South Carolina Battalion
of Drayton's Brigade for 140th Sharpsburg

One hundred and sixty soldiers of the 3d S.C. Batt'n marched into fight at Fox's Gap on 14 September 1862. Casualties were severe. Only twenty four marched away.

The 3d S.C. Batt'n sustained one hundred and thirty six casualties. Drayton's Brigade sustained sixty percent casualties.

Three days later, the remnants of the battalion and brigade participated in the bloody battle near Antietam Creek.

Join the dedicated campaigners who are commemorating the march of the original 3d S.C. Batt'n by tramping from Fox's Gap to the reenactment site for the 140th anniversary of the Battle of Sharpsburg.

Participation in the 3d S.C. Batt'n is limited to 24 soldiers.

Commanded by 1st Lt. Silas Tackitt

What's the history of the 3d S.C. Batt'n?

Why should I join the recreated 3d S.C. Batt'n?

What's this I hear about a road march from Fox's Gap to the St. James School?

What are the uniform requirements for the 3d S.C. Batt'n?

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