Before the Storm:

The Civilian Adjunct to Draytons


The Civilian adjunct is an opportunity for progressive civilians to have some immersion experiences while at the Antietam 140th reenactment. This event will consist of a select number of civilians with a few of them meeting up with Drayton’s Brigade early Friday afternoon and following the march to the event (approximately 3 miles), and an opportunity for more participants at a first person area on property adjacent to the main event. The first person area will consist of an open area where any registered participant (for this aspect, as main event registration will not cover insurance on this property) is free to come and go in a period appropriate manner. The standard will be that first person is maintained at all times while in the first person area. There will be a nominal fee to cover insurance costs for the adjacent land with all proceeds going to preservation. Anyone who is interested in this will have to contact Laura Harding and/or Kathleen Musser. The scenarios for the two aspects are below.

The March - For this the number of participants will be limited to 10-15 civilians. These participants will be portraying a few families from the Boonesborough and Keedysville areas (see family pod lists for details). These families will meet up with Drayton’s Brigade as they are marching towards the event from St. James School. These families will then follow the march to the event and from there will break off to the first person area. First person will be maintained while on the march.

The First Person Area - The scenario for this will be the existing families from the march meeting up with several families refugeeing from Sharpsburg. All of these families will be together trying to avoid the conflict that is happening around them. Anyone here is open to come and go as long as they have period reasons for where they are going or coming from.

Family Pods from areas other than Sharpsburg:

These will be the pods that will follow Drayton’s brigade on the march. Please email Laura Harding with your preference:

These are the families from Sharpsburg that will meet the refugees at the "Manor Church" Area.

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