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140th Antietam

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9/11 at the Antietam National Battlefield where 3000 flags were placed behind the visitor's center. It was pretty moving. For some photos, I decided to publish them in color as well as in sepia because either I could not decide which looked better.

The March
Evening of 9/11 at the Washington Monument Park
where the marchers of the 3d S.C. Batt'n formed for the march.

On the left is Edwin Sims as he stood looking over the plains west of South Mountain. It's not a posed shot. The lighting below the monument and the sunset to his face demanded a photo. On the right is me at the monument. I'd just driven the route we'd be taking the following day, and I wondered what a fine jamb I'd gotten myself into.

Some photos during three of the rests on the march. The above two are at a church at the foot of Monument Road. The below left photo was from Keedysville. I don't recall when the below right photo was taken.

The below photos are of some of the thirteen marchers who constituted the 3d S.C. Batt'n.

On the extreme left is Eric Deer who, without a doubt, was the strongest willed person on the march. I've ever met. Richard Magwood is the gentleman standing. He models some corn starch for the camera. Without corn starch and mole skin, the marchers could not have gone the eighteen plus miles it did on 12 September. Next is the youngest of the group, Peebles. On the far right is the dirtiest Confederate in America, John (Stretch) Sylvester.

The upper two photos show Charles (Amos) Reynolds at the shady, Drayton's Brigade campsite. The below left is Dave Zulinke. Next is Jed Dupre who had the biggest, bloodiest foot blisters I've ever seen. Next is Joseph Bordonaro. At the far right is John Tyczak who took several of the photos on this page.

The marchers as they arrived at St. James School after hoofing it from the Washington Monument, through Turner's and Fox's Gaps, down South Mountain, through Keedysville, through the Antietam National Battlefield, and finally across a zig zagging route to the St. James School. Chris Anders said the distance was eighteen and a half miles.

Felt like more.

Reenactment Battle of Fox's Gap, part II
Friday afternoon, 13 Sept 02

Drayton's Brigade did not participate in this battle. Having just been to Fox's Gap and having done a fair amount of reading about it seeing the battlefield, the reenactment battle little resembled what I recall.

Picket and Battle in the Cornfield
Friday evening/Saturday dawn

Commanders fed approximately eight to ten thousand reenactors into this cornfield on Saturday morning. This shot was taken on Wednesday before the reenactment commenced. During evening picket, individual companies were sent into the cornfield while the Confederate reserve was bivoacked from the left of the picture foreground to the right well beyond what the lense captured. Union troops bivoacked on the opposite side of the corn (background). Picket occurred from approximately dusk through 0330 hours. Wish I'd taken an "after" photo of the cornfield. The bulk of what is seen in this photo was trampled.

The below photos all occurred during the Saturday morning battle.

These are the same photos, but one is in sepiatone while the other is color.

Sunrise on the Union cannons. The source of the fog in the photos is solely from the expenditure of thousands of pounds of blackpowder ignited one musket and one cannon at a time.

Union troops returning to their camp from the battle.

Bloody Lane
Saturday afternoon

Confederate surgeon

Some Drayton's Photos


On the left is Chris Anders who commanded the brigade and organized the weekend for us. In the middle is Jerry Hornbaker who commanded the 51st GA of the brigade. On the right is Piston.

My Goofy Photos

That's me with the bloody nose framed by the Ice Angels after the Bloody Lane fight. At the insistance of slacker John Tylczak who did not feel like make the long walk from the battlefield and seizing upon a knocking opportunity, we rode in the back of the pickup past the marching Confederates who all wanted to trade places with us. Right Photo: Got to get me a pair of pants, havelock, and stretchy socks like the officer pictured in the center of the right photo.

At the left, our fearless leader on sick call Saturday afternoon. At the right, three caught at the soda stand slurping sugary suds.

On the left, Tylczak and I at the 71st PA monument at the Bloody Angle of Gettysburg. We consumed what was left in our haversacks and walked the Pickett-Pettigrew Charge from there. On the right is me at the 136th NYSV monument at Gettysburg. I portrayed a soldier from the 136th years ago and had not visited the monument until now.

tAll the below photographs are of Washingtonians at the event.

Lovin' you, Dub. Center are three zouaves who wished they had done Drayton's instead of being in the brigade to which they were assigned. On the right is that Will Deagan who just cannot keep clean. A color version of the above sepia is making the rounds in Washington, but it is not for the weak of heart. View it here if you dare.

A lawyer, a high school teacher and a mortgage broker went for a stroll in rural Maryland.... The three marchers from Washington.

Me on Sunday morning. I was fairly worn out, but in excellent spirits. I don't regret my trudging more than twenty miles to the event site as the march was interesting and informative. Zipping along the backroads in a car does not provide the same view as the marching pace.

Despite the good time I had at the event overall, I don't think I'll return to another mega-event for the foreseeable future. The Drayton experience was great, but the battles were poor representations of the real battles and the camps were too plushy for Civil War soldiers. No surprise on either account. I am

sincerely yours,

formerly commanding the 3d S.C. Batt'n of Drayton's Brigade

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